Selected Articles

High-throughput enrichment of temperature-sensitive argininosuccinate synthetase for two-stage citrulline production in E. coli

Schramm T, Lempp M, Beuter D, Sierra SG, Glatter T, Link H (2020) 

Metabolic Engineering 60, 14-24. Journal Link

Systematic identification of metabolites controlling gene expression in E. coli

Lempp M, Farke N, Kuntz M, Freibert S, Lill R, Link H (2019) 

Nature Communications 10, 4463. Journal Link

CRISPRi-based downregulation of transcriptional feedback improves growth and metabolism of arginine overproducing E. coli

Sander T, Wang CY, Glatter T, Link H (2019) 

ACS Synthetic Biology 8, 1983-1990. Journal Link

Allosteric feedback inhibition enables robust amino acid biosynthesis in E. coli by enforcing enzyme overabundance

Sander T, Farke N, Diehl C, Kuntz M, Glatter T, Link H (2019)

Cell Systems 8, 1-10. Journal Link

Selective enrichment of slow-growing bacteria in a metabolism-wide CRISPRi library with a TIMER protein

Beuter D, Gomes-Filho J, Randau L, Díaz-Pascual F, Drescher K, Link H (2018)

ACS Synthetic Biology 7, 2775–2782. Journal Link

Time-Optimized Isotope Ratio LC-MS/MS for High-Throughput Quantification of Primary Metabolites.

Guder JC , Schramm T, Sander T, Link H (2017)

Analytical Chemistry 89 (3): 1624–1631. Journal Link